acetal, sheet, nat, 2.000" x 8.000" x 12.000"

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SKU Number:  POM-PC13
Piece Size:  2.000" x 8.000" x 12.000"
Shape:  SHEET
Material:  ACETAL ESD SEM225
Unit Of Measure:  PC
Mask Type:  NONE
Product Info:  Product Data Sheet


Common Trade Names: Acetron®, Celcon®, Delrin®, Ensital® SD, Ertacetal, Pomalux®, Semitron® ESD, Sustarin®, TECAFORM®, Ultraform®

A static-dissipative acetal copolymer. This non-carbon-filled, permanently static dissipative material is non-migratory and non-humidity dependent. With enhanced lubricity, provides superior wear resistance and ease of machining. Its extremely low outgassing values and non-sloughing characteristics make it ideal for applications where particulate generation cannot be tolerated. Enhanced lubricity, chemically resistant, and dimensionally stable


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