Polycarbonate, Sheet, Clear, MG , 2" (2.000)" x 5.750" x 6.000"

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SKU Number:  PC-PC9
Piece Size:  0.375" x 19.000" x 27.000"
Shape:  SHEET
Unit Of Measure:  PC
Mask Type:  NONE
Product Info:  Product Data Sheet


Common Trade Names: Hydex®, Hygard®, Hyzod®, Lexan®, Lexgard®, Makrofol®, Makrolon®, Margard®, Sustanat®, TECANAT, Tuffak®, Zelux®

Polycarbonate is a durable material with excellent light transmission but unlike most thermoplastics, polycarbonate can undergo large plastic deformations without cracking or breaking. Polycarbonate can be processed and formed at room temperature using sheet metal techniques, such as bending on a brake. Even for sharp angle bends with a tight radius, heating may not be necessary. This makes it valuable in prototyping applications where transparent or electrically non-conductive parts are needed, which cannot be made from sheet metal


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