Nylatron® GS Nylon Plate 1/2" (0.500) x 24 x 48

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SKU Number:  Q10048   Thickness: 0.500  Material: Nylon-Extruded 
Shape: Sheet  Color Code:  Black  Unit Of Measure: FS  Mask Type: None
Minimum Order Size: 24in x 48in  Full Sheet/Rod Size: 24in x 48in
Common Trade Names:  Ensilon®, Ertalon, Hydlar® ZF, NYCAST®, NYLOIL®, NYMETAL, Sustamid®, TECAMID, Ultramid®, Zytel®

This product is available from Quadrant EPP. Typical Full Sheet Size or Full Rod Length is shown above, other larger custom run sizes maybe available.

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Nylatron® GS PA66 Nylon Plate

Manufacturer: Quadrant

Type 6/6, MoS2 filled, Extruded

* Broadest size range availability
* Good mechanical and electrical properties
* Ideal balance of strength and toughness
* Cast as finished parts and near net shapes (nylon 6)

Molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) filled nylon offering improved strength and rigidity. With a lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion than Nylon 101, Nylatron® GS parts maintain better fit and clearances, and have less tendency to seize as bearings.

Engineering Notes
Nylons can absorb up to 7% (by weight) water under high humidity or submerged in water. This can result in dimensional changes up to 2% and a corresponding reduction of physical properties. Proper design techniques can frequently compensate for this factor.




Overview of the Nylatron Product Family.

CNC Milling of a Nylatron GS Part.

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